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Friday, February 4, 2011

Malaysia Airlines Steps Up its Rescue Efforts to Evacuate Stranded Malaysians in Cairo (Updated 5.00pm, 4 Feb 2011)

by Malaysia Airlines Travel on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 5:44pm
sources: http://on.fb.me/f2F2Zr

Malaysia Airlines has completed the inaugural rescue flight MH8010 yesterday and is the first carrier to evacuate Malaysian citizens out of Cairo to Jeddah.

The flight which left Cairo at 2.06 pm (Egypt local time) arrived Jeddah at 4.10 pm (Saudi local time) yesterday.

The group was evacuated via its largest fleet, a Boeing 747 aircraft and consisted of 355 Malaysians, mostly female students, as well as five infants ranging from two weeks to two months old and 12 journalists. The passengers have been transferred to accommodation at Tabung Haji in Jeddah.

Malaysia Airlines’ Director of Operations Captain Mohamed Azharuddin Osman said, “Syukur Alhamdulillah, our planned flight operations have been going on smoothly and our fellow Malaysians have arrived safely in Jeddah.”

"In answering the Government's call to maximize the number of Malaysians to be evacuated out of Cairo to Jeddah, we’re mounting twice daily flights between both cities from today until 7 February. We will continue to support National Security Council and the Malaysian Government in this mission,” he added.

The following are tentative scheduled daily flights Jeddah-Cairo-Jeddah from 4 – 7 February 2011 to evacuate stranded Malaysians in Cairo.

Date      Flight no  Destination       Departure               Arrival
4 Feb      MH 8012   Jeddah – Cairo     8.00 am (Saudi LT)    9.25am (Egypt LT)
               MH 8013   Cairo – Jeddah   11.25 am (Egypt LT)   2.25pm (Saudi LT)
               MH 8020   Jeddah – Cairo     4.25 pm (Saudi LT)    5.50 pm (Egypt LT)
               MH 8021   Cairo – Jeddah     7.50 pm (Egypt LT)  10.50 pm (Saudi LT)

5 Feb      MH 8014   Jeddah – Cairo      8.00 am (Saudi LT)    9.25am (Egypt LT)
               MH 8015   Cairo – Jeddah    11.25 am (Egypt LT)   2.25pm (Saudi LT)
               MH 8022   Jeddah – Cairo      4.25 pm (Saudi LT)    5.50 pm (Egypt LT)
               MH 8023   Cairo – Jeddah      7.50 pm (Egypt LT)  10.50 pm (Saudi LT)

6 Feb      MH 8016   Jeddah – Cairo       8.00 am (Saudi LT)    9.25am (Egypt LT)
               MH 8017   Cairo – Jeddah     11.25 am (Egypt LT)   2.25pm (Saudi LT)
               MH 8024  Jeddah – Cairo        4.25 pm (Saudi LT)    5.50 pm (Egypt LT)
               MH 8025   Cairo – Jeddah       7.50 pm (Egypt LT)  10.50 pm (Saudi LT)

7 Feb      MH 8018   Jeddah – Cairo       8.00 am (Saudi LT)     9.25am (Egypt LT)
               MH 8019   Cairo – Jeddah     11.25 am (Egypt LT)    2.25pm (Saudi LT)
               MH 8026   Jeddah – Cairo       4.25 pm (Saudi LT)     5.50 pm (Egypt LT)
               MH 8027   Cairo – Jeddah       7.50 pm (Egypt LT)   10.50 pm (Saudi LT)

*This tentative schedule depends on the situation in Cairo and subjected to curfew hours set by Egypt Airport Authority.

As part of being a social responsible organisation, Malaysia Airlines has enhanced the nation's rescue efforts in assisting and facilitating AirAsia with their ground handling arrangements in Jeddah. The National carrier has also facilitated in assisting the Malaysian Air Force in granting landing rights in Jeddah.